Ear Cartilage Harvest

I am running out of septal cartilage and there is a good chance that I might need ear cartilage or extra cartilage so at this point I am going to make a decision to harvest some ear cartilage. I am about to take some cartilage from the ear and we are going to utilize the previous incision that she had from her autoplasty, which is pinning the ear back.

We are exposing the cartilage. At this point we are starting to carve out some of the ear cartilage. Again, everything is scarred here since she has had previous surgery with her ear here so the dissection is more tedious. We are dissecting out the cartilage from the scar tissue. There is not a lot of cartilage here for me to use but at least we have some. Once again, the reason why this dissection is a little bit more tedious than normal is because she had her ears pinned back when she was younger. The reason why we choose the left ear is because the left ear she feels sticks out a little bit more than the right at this point. By removing this extra cartilage we will even make her ears a little more symmetric. Here is a nice piece of cartilage that we will be using from the ear. This will do us just fine and then we are going to close it and go back to the nose.

At this point we are closing up the back of the incision and the cartilage that we just harvested will absolutely do us wonders for making sure we have enough grafting of cartilage for her nose.

Right now what we are going is placing a cotton bolster and this will help the back of the ear heal faster and prevent any collection of fluid. This will come out also in one week when the rest of the stitches come out.

We are done taking cartilage from the ear and I am going to go back to the nose.

We just finished seeing Erica at six weeks following her rhinoplasty surgery. I am thoroughly please. I am ectatic about her early results. As you can tell by looking at the before and after photographs, her nose looks a lot better and she still has a lot more healing to go. I am very happy for her right now.

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