Prospective Beverly Hills and Los Angeles rhinoplasty patients can get an idea of what their new noses will look like with a nose job simulator, a type of computer imaging available to rhinoplasty surgeons. A computer simulation allows the surgeon to demonstrate what the proposed changes to the nose will look like on the patient. This image serves as a plan only and may not reflect the actual results of surgery, since every patient heals differently. Nasal abnormalities can also affect the outcome of surgery.

A patient may come into a consultation with an expert rhinoplasty surgeon having an idea of what he or she would like to look like after surgery. After examining the nose, the doctor may have suggestions as to what changes would look best and offer the most natural looking results. A nose job simulator will help the doctor illustrate these suggestions so both doctor and patient can agree on a goal. A nose job simulator requires a photo of the patient pre-surgery, which can be taken in the surgeon’s office. This image is then digitally altered to reflect the changes the patient and surgeon have discussed.

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A nose job simulator is a helpful tool in predicting what a nose job may look like, but it cannot account for an individual’s healing process or structural abnormalities within their nose. For example, a patient may have a severely deviated septum. The surgeon may have to trim or reposition the septum to align it with the center of the nose. This change will impact any changes he wishes to make to the dorsum. Every structure in the nose must be considered when performing rhinoplasty in order to maintain the structural integrity and function of the nose. The nose job simulator reflects the exterior of the nose, but does not illustrate the delicate work performed to reach that aesthetic. Still, the simulation serves as a visual guide for the surgeon.

Free nose job simulators are also available online. These tools have their limitations since they do not take into account the structure of one’s nose or any abnormalities. The best way to get an idea of what your new nose will look like is to have a face-to-face consultation with your doctor. However, if you would like to use an online nose job simulator, we recommend this one.