African American rhinoplasty is a specialized type of rhinoplasty that deals exclusively with reshaping the noses of African American patients. During African American rhinoplasty, surgeons use specialized techniques to reshape the nose while preserving patients’ ethnic features. Therefore the resulting nose looks natural and harmonious with the other facial features.

Not all rhinoplasty surgeons are African American rhinoplasty surgeons. The techniques used during an African American rhinoplasty are different because the nasal anatomy is slightly different from that of other ethnicities. There are nasal features that are unique to African American patients. These may include an under projected nasal tip, wider base, wide nasal bridge, and retracted, acute nasolabial angle. The skin also tends to be thick, which affects the amount of refinement that can be done to the nose. Depending on what the patient wants to accomplish, the surgeon can make the nasal tip more projected and narrow the nasal bridge. However, the goal of all ethnic rhinoplasty is to keep the changes minimal so the results look natural.

By specializing in African American rhinoplasty, surgeons have developed expertise in performing nose jobs that suit the patients. Cookie cutter nose jobs do not suit the variety of patients seeking rhinoplasty today. Among African Americans, there is a great amount of variation. There is no single description that fits every nose just as there is no ideal nose. Rhinoplasty surgeons have an increased understanding of the subtleties of ethnic rhinoplasty and the techniques that will provide the best results.

Techniques may include an Advance Lateral Crura or Extended Columellar Strut to extend an under-projected or bulbous nasal tip. A wide alar base can be reduced with a nasal sill and floor excision. This takes place inside the nose and reduces nostril size. Grafts of cartilage taken from the ear or rib can be added to the nasal bridge (dorsum) to make it more prominent.

African American rhinoplasty is performed by surgeons to reshape the nose and/or improve nasal function. Obstructions and abnormalities can be repaired during rhinoplasty surgery in addition to making cosmetic changes.

I specialize in African American rhinoplasty and have performed countless rhinoplasty procedures. Before performing surgery, I will examine each patient’s nose to pinpoint any nasal abnormalities that may affect the approach taken during surgery. I will discuss the patient’s desires and goals for the surgery.  I will then design an individualized surgery plan to make the changes we have discussed and create a nose that is in harmony with the patient’s appearance.